Aumcara Ashram


Welcome to Aumcara Ashram.

Aumcara Ashram supports Awakening. This sanctuary is offered for those who wish to come together as dedicated seekers of True Essence under Beloved Pia Ma’s guidance.

Staying at Aumcara can be disorienting to your concepts, beliefs and ego. In this, it is paramount to embrace emotional maturity and self-responsibility for your own well-being. Pia Ma’s guidance supports your self-motivated devotion. Staying at Aumcara is not for the faint hearted as the simplicity of living closely with an Awakened teacher, your seen and unseen, all that awaits transcending-ascending, will arise.

We welcome your interest in staying at Aumcara Ashram. First please email requesting Aumcara Guidelines. Once you have read the guidelines then you can request your stay at Aumcara. Please clearly state, you have read the guidelines, accommodation preference and proposed dates. Please do not book flights until your request has been confirmed. We thank you and welcome your interest.